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What is the best way to get started on my own psychic pathway?

The first thing is to start honoring your own feelings about situations and people. Start asking yourself questions:  How do I feel about this person?”  “Do I have a great feeling or an uneasy feeling?”  “Is this job honoring who I am and what I came here to do or am I surrounded by unhealthy situations and people?”  “What am I passionate about and how can I add more of these things into my life?” Pay attention to the answers that come to you immediately. Feel the answers with your heart, not your head.  Also, start reading books on the subjects that interest you.  Quantum physics says that what you pay attention to grows.  If you start putting your attention on making contact with your guides and loved ones in the other world, that world starts to open up for you.  If you put your attention on what is not working in your life and how miserable you are–you are creating more unhappiness for yourself.  Certainly, unhappiness can be motivation for change but staying there can also create depression.  There is a great book by psychic Sonia Choquette called The Psychic Pathway.  It is a great place to begin the unfolding of your own gifts.  Also, I might suggest my book, Reporting for the Other Side, which chronicles my journey from reporter and news anchor to psychic medium.

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