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Reporting For The Other Side

News Anchor and Reporter Tina Powers is standing at the scene where a thirteen-year-old boy has been shot and killed. Tina, her cameraman, and the police are the first people at the crime scene. The parents of the boy have yet to arrive. This is just another tragedy that Tina stands to bear witness in the name of her job as the camera starts to roll. Reporting For The Other Side is Tina’s journey from the news world to reporting for the spirit world.

The Land Of Imagination

In The Land of Imagination, readers from the ages of 6-9 are introduced to a magical kingdom where characters follow their hearts and do what they love to do. Intuition takes form as a beautiful butterfly. Higher Self is a wise dragon and Hope and Inspiration are represented by a lovely young maid who dreams of being an actress. In this land, negative thoughts are turned into positive action and children learn to trust and believe in themselves.

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