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Tina recognized her abilities as a young child.  She went on a journey of self discovery, and now uses her abilities to lend help and understanding to others.

I believe we are all psychic. We can feel and sense when something isn’t right and when it is right. Haven’t you ever had a feeling about something and it happened? How about when you are thinking of someone and then they call or you run into them. I think we have a habit of calling these things coincidences; but really the word coincidence means coincide: two things that fit together perfectly. When you start trusting these experiences on a smaller level, you can start trusting the larger picture. I think as children, many of us are told to shut down our feelings. Somehow we are taught we are not to be trusted with our senses, and if anything paranormal happens, that this is bad. This I think is crazy–as our feelings and senses are your inner compass. Start keeping track with a journal how often you are right about certain circumstances. When you see this in black and white you will be amazed at your accurate psychic abilities.

The first thing is to start honoring your own feelings about situations and people. Start asking yourself questions:  How do I feel about this person?”  “Do I have a great feeling or an uneasy feeling?”  “Is this job honoring who I am and what I came here to do or am I surrounded by unhealthy situations and people?”  “What am I passionate about and how can I add more of these things into my life?” Pay attention to the answers that come to you immediately. Feel the answers with your heart, not your head.  Also, start reading books on the subjects that interest you.  Quantum physics says that what you pay attention to grows.  If you start putting your attention on making contact with your guides and loved ones in the other world, that world starts to open up for you.  If you put your attention on what is not working in your life and how miserable you are–you are creating more unhappiness for yourself.  Certainly, unhappiness can be motivation for change but staying there can also create depression.  There is a great book by psychic Sonia Choquette called The Psychic Pathway.  It is a great place to begin the unfolding of your own gifts.  Also, I might suggest my book, Reporting for the Other Side, which chronicles my journey from reporter and news anchor to psychic medium.

Yes we do. I feel and hear mine often, although sometimes they use different channels to come through. Sometimes they use thoughts and feelings and impress these upon me when I ask for help.  It is very important to ask your guides for help as we do have free will in this lifetime and they will never tell you what to do.  Even if you ask for help they will guide you, not do your inner work for you.  This is something your soul came here to do.  I believe we are all learning different lessons during our lifetime and cannot judge others.  Sometimes guides will speak to you through clairaudience-clear hearing.  I have heard many people say they have heard their name called out loud and no one was there.  This can be your guides trying to get in touch with you.  I feel mine as a group many times, but some people have names for their guides.  You can ask for a name and wait and see what response you receive.  The more you pay attention to your guidance system the stronger your link becomes to your guides.

Yes, I do. A great book which will open this concept for you is, Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr. Brian Weiss.  I believe many ancient religions know this to be true.  It is a concept that America needs to embrace more.  Sometimes we come into the world with fears from another lifetime and they can impede our growth.  A past life regression with a very trustworthy and notable therapist can change your life.  There is also a great book called, Children’s Past Lives by Claire Bowman which can help identify when children are having these sort of experiences.  Sometimes incredible fears and unexplained gifts are brought forth from another lifetime for expression, and sometimes for healing, depending upon the issue.  I believe that the soul is eternal, but the body is not.  The universe is patient and gives us opportunities for learning one lifetime after another.

For me, connecting in the morning works really well.  Just before I get out of bed and I am in between the worlds, I ask to connect with my guides.  I ask them out loud or even inside my head if there are any messages for me for the day.  Since I am not fully into my day yet; I seem to be more receptive.  Pay attention to any feeling, image or thought that comes into your head. Psychic messages can sometime come in a very subtle way.  We all seem to want to see the burning bush or our loved one appear in human form in front of us.  Yes, that can happen–but more often than not guides and loved ones are speaking to us inside our mind using that small still voice which can sound like our own but isn’t.

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