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Are we all intuitive and psychic?

I believe we are all psychic. We can feel and sense when something isn’t right and when it is right. Haven’t you ever had a feeling about something and it happened? How about when you are thinking of someone and then they call or you run into them. I think we have a habit of calling these things coincidences; but really the word coincidence means coincide: two things that fit together perfectly. When you start trusting these experiences on a smaller level, you can start trusting the larger picture. I think as children, many of us are told to shut down our feelings. Somehow we are taught we are not to be trusted with our senses, and if anything paranormal happens, that this is bad. This I think is crazy–as our feelings and senses are your inner compass. Start keeping track with a journal how often you are right about certain circumstances. When you see this in black and white you will be amazed at your accurate psychic abilities.

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