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Do we all have guides?

Yes we do. I feel and hear mine often, although sometimes they use different channels to come through. Sometimes they use thoughts and feelings and impress these upon me when I ask for help.  It is very important to ask your guides for help as we do have free will in this lifetime and they will never tell you what to do.  Even if you ask for help they will guide you, not do your inner work for you.  This is something your soul came here to do.  I believe we are all learning different lessons during our lifetime and cannot judge others.  Sometimes guides will speak to you through clairaudience-clear hearing.  I have heard many people say they have heard their name called out loud and no one was there.  This can be your guides trying to get in touch with you.  I feel mine as a group many times, but some people have names for their guides.  You can ask for a name and wait and see what response you receive.  The more you pay attention to your guidance system the stronger your link becomes to your guides.

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